Our Story

Originally located at Wolfe’s Neck Farm, a small saltwater farm in Freeport, Maine, this program has expanded dramatically over the years. Today, Pineland Farms manages a robust natural beef production network, working in partnership with approximately 200 family farms in the eastern region of the United States. These farms are invested in raising natural cattle under humane conditions.

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Wholesale Products

Pineland Farms Natural Meats produces the finest cuts of all-natural beef for every taste and that means offering a complete selection of sub-primal cuts, pre-packaged case-ready and frozen value-added products for our foodservice and retail customers. Download complete product information by selecting one of the options below or talk to one of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales team members:



Ready for retail and foodservice, you’ll find lots of variety in our case-ready selection of meat. We offer everything from ground beef to sirloin tips to ready-to-slice deli items.



Our sub-primal product list offers a full selection of premium beef cuts that are harvested every week to ensure freshness.



Our Pineland Farms 100% natural beef makes our all-beef frozen meatballs, burger patties and hot dogs extra delicious!


“At Rosemont Market & Bakery, the selection of our meat products extends beyond flavor to encompass the humane treatment of animals, good agricultural practices, and support for our local food system. We feel fortunate to have established a wholesale partnership with Pineland Farms and can feel confident in offering their delicious case-ready natural beef cuts to our customers knowing their values align with our own.”

– John Naylor, CEO & Owner, Rosemont Markets

Introducing “The CAP”

“The CAP” is Pineland Farms’ new state-of-the art meat Cutting And Packaging (CAP) production facility located here at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine. The CAP produces a variety of products including case-ready steak and ground beef options, either plain or marinated/seasoned, holiday roasts, smoked/cooked meats, a deli meats line, and many more choices. We offer a variety of packaging for retail, as well as bulk packs for foodservice customers.


Whether it’s fresh whole muscle boxed beef, case-ready options, or frozen value-added items, Pineland Farms is ready to meet your needs!

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