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Ground Beef

While Chuck is a go-to for mouth-watering burgers, ground beef also includes various cuts from the entire animal (sirloin burger or other creative blends like chuck/brisket/rib) and is ideal for meatballs, tacos, chili and more. If you want to take your burgers up a notch…mix in fresh bacon, cheddar, blue cheese crumbles or even a zesty BBQ sauce for the best burger on the block. Head to the butcher to get enough ground beef to feed a whole party or grab a pre-packaged pound right from the case – we have it all.

Featured Cuts from your Local Butcher

  • Chuck Roll – 80% lean
  • Clod - 85% lean
  • Knuckle - 93% lean
  • Sirloin - 90% lean
  • Brisket
  • Rib Meat


  • 85% Ground Beef
  • 80/20 Ground Beef Patties (6oz)
  • Ground Beef Patties - Butcher Blend (6oz)
  • Ground Beef Patties - Bacon/Cheddar (6oz)
  • 80% Ground Beef 1LB


  • 100% Ground Beef Patties (4oz)
  • Italian Meatballs (Gluten Free)
  • Swedish Meatballs (Gluten Free)

Ground Beef Cooking Tips

1 Because all-natural Pineland Farms Meats are wonderfully juicy and flavorful, we recommend a purist approach. Simply salt and pepper the ground beef – keep herbs and spices for another recipe.

2 And the winner of the most basic yet overlooked tip of all is... The less you compress or pat your patties - the more succulent they will be.



The Pineland Promise
The Pineland Promise:
  • No Antibiotics ever
  • No added growth hormones
  • 100% natural


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